More About Summer Stars

Some more information about the Summer Stars reading programme

Summer Stars Logo 2019

All children throughout the country are invited to join the Summer Stars programme at their local library. Children can borrow any children's books they like throughout the summer and get rewards for reading along the way - and it's all completely free! 

Each child simply signs up at their local library, keeps a record of the books they read on their reading card and gets recognition and encouragement for each step along the way. At the end of the programme, all children who participate receive their own certificate of achievement at a special awards event.

The core aims of the Summer Stars reading programme are:

  1. To develop increased enjoyment of reading
  2. To boost children’s motivation to read at home and to experience reading as a fun activity
  3. To maintain/improve reading motivation and performance during the summer holidays
  4. To widen the reading range and repertoire of the children who participate
  5. To engage reluctant and hard to reach readers
  6. To encourage family literacy
  7. To further engage children and their families in the resources and services available through their library service

Children can sign up for the programme in their local library at the start of the summer and are encouraged to read as many books as they can during the months of July and August. Children will receive a card for tracking their reading progress and may be periodically given rewards to further encourage them to keep reading. At the end of the programme participating children will receive an awards certificate and be invited to attend an awards celebration by their local library.

Launch event for Summer Stars 2018 in South Dublin libraries

Launch event for Summer Stars 2018 in South Dublin libraries