Kevin McHugh

Soccer Player, Finn Harps

Kevin McHugh
  1. If you could have only one meal every day forever, what would it be?

Pizza and Pasta. Definitely my favourite dish…


  1. If you had a time travel machine, where would you go?

I would return to my teenage years and the long summer holidays we use to have.

Sunshine, mischief and just enjoying every-day with your mates, with not a worry in the world…


  1. What was your favourite book when you were in primary school?

The Famous Five collection. Can’t pick a favourite as I enjoyed them all.


  1. If you became a super-hero, what super-hero name would you choose and what would be your special power ?

Leoanldo !!! a mix of Messi and Ronaldo. With Messi’s skill and brain and Ronaldo’s pace and power, I’d be most powerful footballer on the planet.


  1. What’s your favourite thing to do in the whole world?

Play football, coach football and watch football… It’s all I know since no age and still love the game.