My Local Library

Your library service provides a fantastic opportunity to explore new stories, expand children’s imagination and open their eyes to new experiences.

What’s available in my library service for children?

  • Children’s books for all ages
  • Story time
  • CDs and games
  • Children’s activities
  • Computers and Internet access
  • Online activities
  • Summer reading programmes

What else can we do in our library service?

  • Meet other children and parents
  • Find out about local activities and events
  • Get advice about reading and other learning material
  • Enjoy events the library service holds for both children and adults
  • Explore the library services available for adults: books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, newspapers, PCs and the Internet
  • Try a new course and develop new skills

It’s never too soon to visit your local library, even with babies and toddlers. Visit early and often, make it part of the family’s routine!

The Library as a Resource for Parents and Children

More than ever, in a world increasingly dominated by technology, libraries are highly interactive spaces where children can access content as well as books, digital experiences as well as literary stimulation. By joining a local library, parents can:

  • Avail of engaging and creative activities for children. Libraries often host workshops and programmes that change seasonally. These include summer reading programmes, storytelling sessions, creative workshops, book clubs etc. You can be sure to find something that will interest your child.
  • Ask questions and get expert answers. You might already have access to online information but your local librarian is there to impart their wisdom; parents can take advantage of their experience in the world of books and in dealing with children’s reading needs.
  • Use the library as the perfect place to get to know new people and get involved in the literary life of a town or city. The library is a place where parents can go with their children for dedicated reading time and to meet and converse with other parents and children.

The library is fundamentally a resource for families. They provide an endless supply of books in a time when everything has become more expensive. Libraries are the best literacy resource we have. Every child can access books through their library and experience the benefits of reading and story-telling in a warm and safe environment which fosters a strong sense of community. A child’s love of books may begin at home but the library is the perfect public space in which a child can share that love of books and reading.

Libraries also bridge the gap between home and school. Students spend about 30% of their daily lives in formal education. Outside of this time, statistics show that many children are not exposed to further learning opportunities in the home. Libraries are uniquely placed to provide these opportunities in the form of reading experiences, both communal and individual.