Preparing a Job Application

Information: Your CV

Although creating a CV can be a daunting prospect, the impact of a strong CV cannot be overstated. The purpose of a CV is to convince the potential employer to invite you to an interview. It is usually the first contact you have with him/ her and as many potential employers only give CVs a minute’s attention or less, it is worth spending time on it so you make a good impression.

Remember that presentation, accuracy and clear writing are key!

Information: Cover Letter

Now that you have created your CV, you need to write a cover letter. Each job application should be accompanied by a cover letter. It provides the opportunity to formally introduce yourself to the potential employer and should outline briefly why you are a suitable candidate for the position. It also demonstrates your written communication skills, so make sure to re-read and edit any cover letter before submitting your job application.

As well as supplying a CV and cover letter, many companies require candidates to complete an online application form.