Library Services to Post-Primary Schools

A wide range of resources and activities which strongly support post-primary schools in developing student’s literacy, numeracy, creativity and communication skills are provided by your local library service. By building on existing partnerships between schools and libraries, all post-primary schools can benefit directly from this ongoing cooperation.

Each library service operates a network of central/large libraries, branch libraries and smaller part-time branches. Some library services also provide support for schools through mobile libraries or a school library van. Schools can access all of the services for post-primary schools through the larger branches or a central library. Schools can also access some services through smaller part-time branches.

Your partner library branch which is listed in the Post-Primary Schools and Public Libraries table can provide the services outlined below for your post-primary school and will liaise directly with your school during the school year. For some schools, some of the services will be provided by the mobile library, school library van or through the library headquarters, to be determined at local discretion. Each library service will make contact with the school principal to initiate the service. Each library service will also make contact towards the beginning of each school year and will provide information on the library services and resources available to your school.

The Range of Library Services offered to Post-Primary Schools are:

-Class visits to your library branch

Your partner library branch will accommodate class visits from your school to the library, where practicable, arranged locally in advance.

-A teacher’s card made available to every teacher in the school which will enable each teacher to borrow items for his/her class 

Each post-primary teacher in your school will be entitled to receive a teacher’s card, on request, from your partnered library branch. The card will enable a teacher to borrow items for his/her class from your partner library branch and also, if applicable, through the mobile library service.

A presentation(s) at the school on the library services may be available for students and staff

Your local library service can provide a presentation on the library services on request and at a time agreed with the school principal, at the local library branch where practicable, or at your school to teachers, pupils or parents. Schools may be clustered together for this presentation by arrangement, where appropriate.

-A range of relevant library resources and services provided to your school

The services available to your school include the provision of reading and curriculum support materials, young adult collections and online learning resources.

Study spaces available within the library branch

Study spaces for students will be available in your partnered library branch where practicable, as well as access to Wi-Fi/Internet.

Research and project work

Your library branch will provide resources and assistance to students and teachers for school project work and research, either within the library branch or electronically, as available.

Ongoing support for strengthening young people’s reading skills

Support will be offered to young people and parents relating to the resources and activities available for students’ reading skills and interests development. This will be made available to your school where requested.

Local History

The local studies department of your library service provides access, including online resource access, to a wide range of historical material about your local area, such as maps, photographs, documents and information.

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