John Burke

Hotelier and first Clare man to climb Mount Everest

John Burke holding a copy of his book

1. If you could have only one meal every day forever, what would it be?

Bacon and cabbage is my go-to food when I’m doing a home cooked meal.  I guess we all have the meal we associate with growing up and in particular when thinking of a comfort food this is where people go.  I like it so much that I converted a flower bed into a cabbage patch but soon realised that the slugs liked it just as much as I did and life was so much easier buying my cabbage at the greengrocers.


2. What was your favourite childhood book?

I always liked military stories of any sort and remember as a teenager being fascinated by the Andy McNab book ‘Bravo two zero’. It would have been my second choice of career to join the army and I often wonder how I would have got on with it, so all I have is my imagination and that was developed from reading those type of books.


3. What are you most afraid of?

My wife when I try to mention climbing a mountain again, but bit by bit I will talk her around for the green light!


4. What’s your favourite thing to do in the whole world?

Probably, the simple act of walking the dogs on the beach.  They love the beach and I get so much satisfaction from seeing them enjoy it. It’s also getting out into nature, and being closer to the natural elements, like water, that makes it so therapeutic.


5. If you had a time-travel machine, where would you go?

America in the 60s.  I think of the amazing people that were there like Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy.  Inspiring leaders who were making real changes in people’s beliefs, a time when people were standing up to racism and shouting for change.  They also had amazing cars, like the ’67 Mustang!