Europe Direct Soapbox Competition

Entries now open for the 2020 competition!

Europe Direct Soapbox 2020

The Europe Direct Soapbox is a public speaking competition that is taking place throughout November. You have three minutes to speak and convince the judges in favour, or against, the motion!

Regional winners will receive an iPad mini and then go on to compete in the national final, with a grand prize of €1,000 for the winners of each category!


The term 'soapbox' originates in the use of an empty crate as a platform by speakers to give speeches, often impromptu, to passers-by from around the turn of the last century. The most famous location for soapbox oratory is Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London, which has been a setting for public speaking since the 1870s.

Europe Direct Soapbox Competition Rules 2020

  • This competition is open to all residents in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Contestants will compete in one of two categories: 1) 18 and under; 2) 19 and over. A regional winner from each category will be selected to go forward to the national final.
  • Contestants will deliver and record a video speech of no more than three minutes in length relevant to the soapbox topic, in favour or against the motion. Inappropriate content or language will result in automatic disqualification.
  • To enter the competition, contestants will submit an official application form which is available below or from any EDIC and a pre-recorded video of the speech to their local EDIC. Please contact your EDIC for details on video formats and how to submit your entry.
  • During the recording, each contestant must wear a badge/ sticker with their name and the category in which they are competing.
  • All speech recordings will be assessed by a panel of judges and equal marks awarded for content, delivery, structure and overall impact. The decision of the judges is final.
  • There must be at least two contestants in each category for the competition to proceed.
  • Previous winners are not eligible to enter in the same category the year immediately after winning the regional competition.
  • Each EDIC will run an online event where the regional winners are announced, and the regional winning entries are played. Please contact your local EDIC for details.
  • The regional winning entries will be submitted to the national final. A national panel of judges will review regional winning entries in advance of the national final which will take place on Wednesday 9th December, 2020. All entries will be played and the winners will be announced live during the event.
  • Please contact your local EDIC for the deadline for receipt of application and pre-recorded video of the speech.
  • In light of COVID-19 restrictions, winners prizes cannot be presented in person at the time of the regional event and will be made available to the successful entrants as soon as possible following the event, having regard to national Covid-19 guidelines.
  • Images from the event may be used for promotional purposes by the EDIC.


Deadlines for Regional Entries

Ballinalsoe EDIC: 20th November

Blanchardstown EDIC: 20th November

Clones EDIC: 18th November

Letterkenny/ Gaoth Dobhair EDIC: contact the EDIC for confirmation

Nenagh EDIC: 18th November

Portlaoise EDIC: 20th November

Waterford EDIC: contact the EDIC for confirmation

Sligo EDIC: regional competition took place on 23rd October