Europe Direct Soapbox Competition

Information on the annual Europe Direct Soapbox Competition

The Europe Direct Soapbox Competition is held in Autumn every year and has individuals compete by giving a prepared three minute speech on a predetermined topic, either in favour of or opposed to the motion. Winners are selected regionally in each of the Europe Direct centres before competing for the overall prize in Dublin. The event for 2018 is over, keep your eyes on this page for details about the 2019 competition as they become available. 

More details are available below. 

Entry is open to all and contestants can compete in one of two categories:

1) 18 and under

2) 19 and over

Each contestant must present a three-minute speech for or against the topic at a regional final before a public audience and a panel of judges.

A winner from each category will be selected on the day. Both will qualify for the grand final in Dublin



The term soapbox originates in the use of an empty crate as a platform by speakers to give speeches, often impromptu, to passers-by from around the turn of the last century. The most famous location for soapbox oratory is Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London, which has been a setting for public speaking since the 1870s.

Regional prizes and the overall prizes of €1,000 are sponsored by the European Commission Representation in Ireland.