Ballymote Simple Robots

EDIC Sligo: Making Simple Robots

20th and 21st March 2020

Ballymote Community Library

Making simple robots with Stuart Lawn of FABLAB Manorhamilton is a guided way of making simple robots that respond to command using the BBC microbit and a Klip Motor Driver board designed specifically for this type of activity! It requires no soldering and is all connected by crocodile clips. The advantages of the microbit are that, while being easy to use, it is feature packed and it can be coded with languages that suit every ability level.

The Micro:bit is an educational micro controller created by the BBC in conjunction with Microsoft, ARM, and Samsung. It can be easily programmed and has a host of exciting features that will be explored. The workshop will introduce 10 to 14 year olds to coding the Micro:bit using Microsoft Makecode and will allow them to create gadgets, gizmos and games on the device.  Basic electronic components and sensors will be used to demonstrate how devices, we see and use everyday, function. The mission is to get excited about creating, rather than consuming, using electronic devices.

Places are limited and registration at the library desk is the way to secure your place.