Welcome and Introduction Activities

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Welcome and Introduction Activities


Find someone who…

Each child is given a Find Someone Who card. The children must ask the other children the questions provided. The children can only fill in a person’s name once on the sheet.
Examples of tasks for this activity card are:

Find someone who….

who is exactly one month older than you are

who drinks more than 3 cups of milk each day

who has less than (a particular amount of money) in his/her pocket

who gets up on weekdays before seven o’clock

who lives more than ten kilometres from here

who plays football more than twice a week

who can tell you what 6+8 equals

who has one brother and one sister

whose height is less than … 120cm

who has their breakfast between 8a.m. and 8.30 a.m.

whose travel time to school takes more than 30 minutes

who can tell you the time the library opens on Thursdays

who reads for 20 minutes or more each day

 whose birthday is between the 1st and the 10th of a month


Number Activity

Children are each given a number at the beginning of the camp. The children must find a partner with the matching number and find out some facts about them. E.g. How old are you? Where are you from? What is your favourite animal/colour/book/food? The children will then introduce their partners to the group. Children may be more comfortable with this than introducing themselves.


Alphabetical Arrangements

 The children arrange themselves alphabetically by first name/ surname. For an extra challenge this activity could be completed after the children know each other better and they must complete the activity in silence.


First Letter of my Name

The children are seated in a circle and will each say their name and think of an adjective with the same beginning phonetic sound to describe them. E.g. Alert Alison, Lovely Liam, Happy Helen etc.

For an extra challenge, the children must try and remember all their peers’ names and adjectives.

Variations: For younger groups of children, they could provide their name and their favourite animal or food etc.

Character Descriptions

Each child writes down the name of their favourite character on a piece of paper. The character can be taken from a book or a television programme.

The names are placed into a hat and each child picks one. In pairs the children must describe the character to their partner, who must guess who it is.

Extension activity: The children must guess whose favourite character each one is.


Circle Time Discussion

Describe a librarian: What do they look like? What do they do? Children can be split into smaller discussion groups and share back in a large group setting.