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Summer Stars:

How many books are in the library

 The children will write down guesses as to how many books are in the library and place in the guessing jar. The children can put in one guess each . The child with the nearest estimation at the end of the day could win a prize e.g. bookmark


Secret Mission of the Day / Book Muncher’s Daily Challenge

The facilitator could select a teddy bear mascot which provides the children with a secret mission e.g. Which planet is furthest from the sun? The different age groups can have different mascots with questions that are tailored to their ability level.  Children can be provided with 10 challenges and are provided with time during the day to source the answer. Examples of the ‘challenges’ are in the file at the link below.

The children could complete this activity in pairs or in groups or individually. Feedback is provided before the end of the session/day. A tally can be kept of who discovers the correct answer.

The children could ‘feed’ their answers to the Book Muncher. This Book Muncher is made out of an old bin but could be made out of an old cereal box with a flap cut in it to act as a mouth.

Book Muncher’s Daily Challenge – Examples

Motivation Activity

Children are divided into base groups. Each group can be provided with a name/ brainstorm a name for their team based on a book of their choice. These groupings can be used when children are taking part in mini- challenges and quizzes throughout the session.

Children can win points for their groups and a tally can be kept.  For example points can be given for the best team name, helping each other, best character voice during drama etc.  If behavioural problems arise, points can be awarded for good behaviour. Prizes can be awarded to children at the end of the activity session.