Finalist: Who’d Point a Gun at a Child

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Who’d Point a Gun at a Child

A Dublin young one,
Out till all hours,
Concern in her big blue eyes,
Can’t go home ’till she’s sold her flowers
She was reading the writing on the wall,
When the gun shot made her scream
And she ran into one of her haunts
A dark, cold alley where she’d often been,
And she slipped by Kavanagh’s Sweet Shop
(Ten apple-drops for twenty pence)
It was now a rebel shelter
And a place for defense,
She swiftly sped down the laneway
Thinking “I must get there, I must get back”,
And then, unable to close her eyes,
She just waited for the next day to come.

It’s next morning
The sun hasn’t risen,
She’s already in the streets
And she hears of the people in prison,
But she has no fear or worry
Her mother’s words have calmed her down,
“Who’d point a gun at a child?”
In fact, No one did
But accidents happen
And bombs hit the ground…


Anita Walis
Portloaise College