From March 2017

All public libraries are now operating as a single shared system.

In the single shared system anyone with a valid public library card from any library authority in the country can reserve and borrow items from all library services in the country.

Items are collected and delivered between libraries on a twice-a-week basis, so once a reserved item is available it should arrive in your local library within a week.

Becoming a member of the new library services

You can join at any age and use the library services. If you are under 18 years you should ask your parent/guardian to accept the terms and conditions on your behalf.


Joining the Library

You can join the library service in a library and become a member in the authority in which you live. You will have access to the public library services in the libraries.

Please complete the Online Membership Form.

For further information on joining the library, please see the Membership Terms and Conditions.


Before submitting the online registration form, please read the Data Protection Privacy Statement for your City/County public library.