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Through the countrywide library network, the Healthy Ireland at Your Library programme will provide a range of resources, services and support to users and communities.

Book stock

A comprehensive collection of books on health and wellbeing will be available in all public libraries.

Online resources

New e-books, e-audiobooks and e-magazines will be accessible in every library and by remote access

Health information services

Trained staff will be able to provide information guidance and direction to users with health and wellbeing queries and promote health awareness in the community.

Branding and Promotion

National and local campaigns, promotional materials including roll-up banners and bookmarks, and online promotion through the Libraries Ireland website and social media.

Programmes and events

Talks, discussions and workshops with a focus on physical health, mental health and health literacy.

Staff training

Training sessions for each local authority will build the knowledge and skills of library staff to meet user needs for health information and to respond confidently to user requests and provide direction to relevant health resources.